Research and design tax credit

How We Conduct an R&D Study

There’s no cost to find out whether your company may benefit from an R&D study; the first step is a discussion with you to determine the scope of your company’s R&D activities. We can provide an estimated range of potential savings for your company to allow you to make an informed decision about whether to undertake the study.

Scoping and Assessment

Once AGH Specialized Tax Solutions is engaged, members dedicated to our R&D team will meet with you to learn about your company, its products and processes, and the kinds of activities that could be eligible for R&D credits. This may involve a tour of your company’s facilities, interviews with key employees to understand your company’s development environment, and a review of the type of documentation maintained that could be used to support the R&D tax credits claimed. This initial scoping provides the basis for our detailed work plan.

Study Engagement

We know your time is valuable. Our work plan is designed to minimize the time required on your end while collecting the necessary information and documenting the R&D activities.

Based on the scoping stage, our team then works closely with you to design and implement a comprehensive study of the qualified R&D activities. This could include additional interviews, observation, review of technical and financial documentation currently and potentially available, and analysis of all of the above to prepare a study report for you.

Study Report

After all investigation and analysis is conducted, your deliverable is a detailed R&D study report that outlines the technical and financial basis for the R&D credits you are eligible to claim. It also sets out recommendations for tracking R&D future expenses and serves as backup documentation for any IRS or state challenges to the R&D tax credits claimed.