State and local tax services

Audit Sampling Analysis & Evaluation

AGH Specialized Tax Solutions’ industry-leading sampling analysis and evaluation service has significant influence on the statistical and non-statistical sampling methods used by many taxing authorities. Our sampling analysis and evaluation professionals work directly with clients on audit sampling issues, as well as support our engagement teams with training and advice, with the development of audit sampling plans and evaluations of samples, and with preparing and analyzing population data files in preparation of sampling for auditing.

Leveraging years of experience comprehending the structure and methodology of audit examinations, we develop strategic tax reduction techniques that include expanded audit samples, post-audit stratification, and differential analysis, among others. It is our combined knowledge of tax law, audit strategy and methodology, and our emphasis on technical expertise, that help guarantee that our representation is unmatched by any other firm.

Services Provided:

STS provides our clients with solutions for all of their sampling analysis and evaluation needs, including:

  • Design of audit sampling plans for our clients when the audit population consists of a large number of transactions
  • Development and implementation of alternative sampling and statistical methodologies where state procedures are nonexistent, inadequate, or insufficient for audit sampling purposes
  • Evaluation of audit sampling plans and methodologies proposed by state auditors to ensure that our clients' interests are protected during tax audits
  • Presentations on sampling and statistical methods appropriate for sales and use tax audits to taxpayers, auditors, and professional organizations such as the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT) and the Tax Executives Institute (TEI)
  • Production of a comprehensive report that documents the development of every sampling plan created by the practice for its clients. The documentation process includes archiving all relevant files and databases, and the ability to replicate all random samples if requested by state auditors