State and local tax services

Tax Research

AGH Specialized Tax Solutions’ research services cut through complicated and constantly changing state and local tax rules to uncover the issues that truly matter to our clients. Our researchers not only analyze the law, they evaluate and verify individual circumstances to apply the law to each possible scenario.

Our seasoned professionals are well versed in preparing tax matrices for all types of industries, writing opinion letters on the tax consequences of complex and unusual transactions, preparing requests for administrative rulings on intricate issues, determining nexus and filing requirements, and reviewing specific transactions to ensure that our tax decision solutions are accurate and consistent. Additionally, we provide research and update services to the taxability matrices we develop.

Services Provided:

STS has an experienced team of professionals that research complex and evolving tax issues, legislation, and developments to identify and address the potential tax implications of multi-jurisdictional operations. Our tax research services include:

  • Nexus determinations and filing requirements
  • Opinion letters
  • Requests for administrative rulings
  • System configurations
  • Tax matrices
  • Training