State and local tax services

Voluntary Disclosure & Registration

AGH Specialized Tax Solutions’ voluntary disclosure and registration services assist corporations in negotiating voluntary disclosure agreements (VDA) with the most favorable results possible. We have experts in each tax specialty who have assisted clients with VDAs in many jurisdictions. We assist clients with single or multiple negotiation requirements, involving one or multiple tax issues. AGH STS’ professionals have years of experience and maintain constant contact with the tax jurisdictions to ensure the most up-to-date VDA information is readily available to our clients.

As part of any engagement with a client, we first analyze all of the facts attributed to the business and activities taking place in a respective jurisdiction. We then work with our client to determine potential exposure and possible methods to minimize that exposure. This process might entail determining whether a client’s customers have accrued and remitted tax, the customers’ current audit status, and possible back billing of taxes. We customize each project to maximize client value and simultaneously interact with multiple jurisdictions, so we can efficiently complete the engagement. In all instances, our clients receive a closing agreement or a signed agreement with each tax jurisdiction to clearly define their exposure.

Services Provided:

STS assists clients in registering and settling past taxes, if applicable, and paying the correct amount required under each jurisdiction’s VDA program. We are often able to negotiate prospective agreements when our client’s fact pattern presents the opportunity. Our voluntary disclosure and registration services include:

  • Customer examinations for tax accrued, remitted, and audit status
  • Exposure identification and calculation
  • Payment remittance
  • Prospective agreement negotiation
  • Registration and past tax settlement
  • Tax minimization strategies